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Love the insights of this one on fulfilment strategies and how strong technology enablement can help brands grow rapidly in e-commerce fulfilment ecosystem


One of the best podcasts out there. The quality of conversations are exceptional. Great guests, dialogue and impressive insights.



Been listening to the eCom Logistics Podcast. Loved the last episode with Edward. Listened to the whole of it in a sauna and barely noticed how I was slowly dying.

David Vasquez LinkedIn icon


Interesting takeaways from the sessions

Anonymous Listener


Great insights and conversations. Weekly dose of fulfillment strategies.

Anonymous Listener


I have been following this channel and listening podcast every week! Thanks to Ninaad



Hey Dan! I just got a slack message from a couple Deposco guys that shared the link to your podcast. They are loving it! I turned them onto your profile too.

Keep up the AWESOME work!

Chris Jacobson           LinkedIn icon

Hope you are having a great week. I have enjoyed listening to your podcast, some excellent guest speakers there as well.

Diana Zheng         LinkedIn icon


The guests and hosts are really knowledgeable and present facts in a really digestible manner.


A quick note to share how much I enjoy your podcast. I told Ninaad that I love hearing the supply chain and e-commerce lingo. Your guests are insightful and thoughtful. You two are in my pocket during my lunchtime walks: getting my supply chain fix! It feels like I’m back at 100 Papercraft. Ha!
Wishing you continued success!

Matt Hooks          LinkedIn icon

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