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WMS Revolution: How Cloud-Native Solutions Are Transforming Warehousing with Udai Tennati

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Udai Tennati

Episode Description

In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Udai Tennati discusses the evolution of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and the shift towards cloud-based solutions. He explains how technology has advanced from mainframe systems to distributed architectures and now to cloud-native applications. Udai emphasizes the importance of being API-savvy and highlights the benefits of using cloud-based WMS, such as increased scalability, reliability, and security. He also shares insights on when it is the right time to engage with a tier one WMS solution and the role of professional services in the implementation process. Udai concludes by discussing the future of WMS, including the use of AI and natural language processing to simplify user interfaces and provide real-time insights.


Udai Tennati is a supply chain software applications expert with an impressive track record spanning over 20 years. He has dedicated his career to enhancing end-user experiences, making supply chain processes smoother and more efficient.

Udai’s leadership skills have been honed through his 23-year journey at Manhattan Associates, where he held pivotal roles, including Vice President, Technical. In this position, he led global teams and was responsible for delivering essential product suites such as Distribution Management and Enterprise Order Management.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Udai is also passionate about making a positive impact on the community. He played a key role in establishing the Atlanta Chapter of Asha for Education and actively contributed to research as a Research Associate at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.


  • [00:00:00] Introduction to the podcast and guest, Udai Tennati
  • [00:02:25] Evolution of WMS technology from mainframe to cloud-based
  • [00:04:56] Factors to consider when choosing a WMS solution
  • [00:09:02] Importance of being API-savvy in using cloud-based applications
  • [00:12:55] Shift in resource allocation for WMS implementation
  • [00:16:03] The future of WMS and the role of AI
  • [00:19:10] Simplification of user interface and access to information
  • [00:22:07] The role of professional services in WMS implementation
  • [00:26:12] The impact of cloud technology on WMS implementation time
  • [00:42:13] Exciting developments in WMS, such as AI and digital twins


[00:10:42] “The leap of faith there was not that large. Because most technologists, most consumers of software saw that hey, this thing actually scales and the response times are really great and it’s highly resilient.” – Udai Tennati

[00:29:33] “It’s not really the size of your network, because you may have a very simple box in box outflow. Big boxes coming in, big boxes going out. You may have 50 such buildings spread all over the country or many countries, but the flow is fairly simplistic” – Udai Tennati

Find out more about Will Udai in the link below:


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