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What Brands Need to Know To Go International (UK) with Will Lovatt

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Will Lovatt

Episode Description

In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Will Lovatt discusses the challenges and opportunities in the European eCommerce logistics landscape compared to the North American market. He highlights the fragmented nature of the European market due to different languages, legal jurisdictions, and tax regimes. Will also emphasizes the importance of understanding consumer expectations in the UK, such as fast and reliable delivery, sustainability, and the rise of pickup spots and lockers. He also touches on the adoption of automation in European warehouses and the impact of Brexit on supply chain operations.


Will Lovatt is the General Manager and Vice President of Deposc. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Will has worked with companies like IBM, JDA, and Llamasoft. He specializes in helping direct-to-consumer supply chains optimize their operations and navigate the complexities of the European market. Currently working with some of the world’s most demanding, innovative and fast-growing direct-to-consumer supply chains to improve their responsiveness and efficiency. Deposco native web SaaS solutions power the supply chains of Consumer Packaged goods, 3PLs, and a wide spectrum of eCommerce operations.


  • [00:02:13] Will Lovatt’s background and experience in the logistics industry
  • [00:05:02] The evolution of supply chain and the need for flexible and dynamic solutions
  • [00:08:03] The accessibility of enterprise-level solutions for mid-market brands
  • [00:10:18] The challenges and complexities of expanding into the European market
  • [00:15:07] The differences in consumer expectations between the UK and the US
  • [00:18:34] Considerations for brands entering the UK or European market
  • [00:21:53] The importance of location and planning laws in setting up a warehouse
  • [00:23:24] The adoption of pickup spots and lockers in the UK
  • [00:26:09] The importance of reliability in meeting customer expectations
  • [00:29:04] The adoption of automation in the UK and Europe
  • [00:32:50] The importance of having a holistic omni-channel strategy
  • [00:40:31] How to learn more about DePosco and connect with Will Lovatt


[00:25:49] “Customers are openly comparing. And if you have a look at forums, they’re talking about the courier that we have. Either failed them or satisfied their order openly.” – Will Lovatt

[00:22:26] “I guess the point is that the country governments have got a role to play in either being attractive to eCommerce operators or not. Um, and whether they realize that or not, that they’re making some small decisions, which are, which are pushing. Boundaries one way or the other and or the preference for one side of a boundary or the other.” – Will Lovatt

Find out more about Will Lovatt in the link below:


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