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Unboxing E-Commerce Efficiency with Krish Iyer

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Krish Iyer

Episode Description

Krish Iyer is the Vice President of Strategic Partners and Industry Relations for Auctane,  which includes ShipStation, ShippingEasy, ShipEngine and A respected expert in e-commerce, Krish is often quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider and the New York Times. An industry leader with over 20 years of experience, Krish brings perspectives from FedEx, Pitney Bowes, Neopost and Auctane. In addition, Krish serves as the Vice President of the Package Shippers Association (PSA), which serves as the voice of the package shipping industry.


In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, we dive deep into the world of e-commerce logistics, discussing the intricate challenges and innovative solutions within the industry. Krish Iyer, Vice President of Strategic Partners and Industry Relations at Auctane, shares insights on returns, packaging inefficiencies, sustainability, and the future trends shaping the logistics landscape.


[00:00:45] Implementing small yet impactful measures, like improving product photos, size charts, and detailed descriptions, significantly reduces returns at minimal cost.
[00:06:34] The returns space lacks an overarching solution despite various innovations like in-person return options, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive end-to-end returns system.
[00:18:53] The reluctance of carriers to efficiently handle residential pickups stems from historical perceptions of residential shipments, hindering effective return logistics.
[00:20:16] Challenges in packaging efficiency persist with oversize boxes and minimal packaging, highlighting the need for proper package engineering aligned with buyer habits and profile.
[00:29:25] The evolving trend focuses on integrating shipping and delivery intricacies with the shopping experience, emphasizing the significance of marrying shipping logistics with cart interactions for enhanced efficiency.


[00:11:04] “The best solutions for returns are free or low cost – get your product and listing right.”
[00:13:19] “The initiation process of the return itself is an issue, often overlooked in return discussions.”
[00:21:56] “You can’t thwart human behavior or underestimate what humans will do in the packaging process.”
[00:28:59] “It starts with what the consumer is buying – packaging solutions should align with consumer habits.”

Find out more about Krish Iyer in the link below:


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