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The Future of Robotics in Logistics with Andrey Bakholdin at MODEX 2024

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Andrey Bakholdin

Episode Description

Andrey Bakholdin is the Chief Growth Officer at Brightpick, a leading innovator in robotic automation solutions for warehouses. With a background in finance, Andrey’s career includes experience in mergers and acquisitions, as well as multi-strategy investing at Blackstone. He joined Brightpick to help scale the company after recognizing its potential during an investment evaluation. Under his leadership, Brightpick has developed cutting-edge mobile robot solutions that streamline the fulfillment process, enhancing efficiency and reliability for customers.


In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, we are live from MODEX 2024 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Join Dan Coll and Ninaad Acharya as they converse with Andrey Bakholdin, Chief Growth Officer at Brightpick. Andrey discusses Brightpick’s innovative mobile robot solutions designed to optimize warehouse fulfillment processes. Learn how these robots outperform traditional methods in efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and delve into the future of robotics in logistics.


[00:01:03] Spotlight on Brightpick: Revolutionizing Warehouse Fulfillment
[00:02:30] Exploring Brightpick’s Unique Mobile Robot Solution
[00:14:02] The Future of Robotics: AMRs vs. Humanoids
[00:23:47] Closing Thoughts: The Evolution of Warehouse Automation


[00:00:27] “The innovation isn’t just in the ability to stick a robotic arm on a mobile base. The innovation is in being able to do that in a cost-efficient manner, which delivers not just equivalent, but superior ROI to customers.”
[00:02:54] “Our robot is the only mobile robot in the world that can robotically pick items directly in the aisles where they’re stored.”
[00:16:50] “80 percent of processes in a warehouse or in a manufacturing plant are standardized. For specific processes, solutions like Brightpick AutoPicker will always be more cost-efficient than a humanoid.”
[00:23:01] “In what world are legs more efficient than wheels? Wheels will always be more energy-efficient, faster, and easier to maintain than feet, especially in a warehouse designed for forklifts.”

Find out more about Andrey Bakholdin in the links below.

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