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Revolutionizing Warehouse Distribution with Keith Moore at Modex 2024

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Keith Moore

Episode Description

In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, recorded live from MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, hosts Ninaad Acharya and Dan Coll interview Keith Moore, CEO of AutoScheduler. Keith shares his journey from a supply chain background to launching AutoScheduler, a company specializing in warehouse distribution orchestration and optimization. The conversation covers the evolution of supply chain technology, from early machine learning applications to the current push for robotics and automation. Keith discusses the challenges of integrating AutoScheduler with existing WMS and WES systems, the importance of data quality, and the future of human-robotic symbiotic relationships in distribution organizations.


Keith Moore is the Chief Executive Officer for AutoScheduler.AI. As a supply chain “Pro to Know”, Keith works with Consumer Goods, Beverage, and Distribution companies to drive efficiency in distribution centers. As the CEO, Moore’s focus is in creating the future with the prescriptive warehouse. Moore was voted by Hart Energy Magazine as an Energy Innovator of the Year in 2020, was selected as a Pi Kappa Phi 30 under 30 member, and holds multiple patents in the fields of neural architecture search and supply chain planning. Moore attended the University of Tennessee, where he received a bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering.


[00:02:00] Keith Moore’s Journey in Supply Chain and Tech

[00:04:23] The Birth and Growth of AutoScheduler

[00:04:49] How To Optimize Warehouse Operations

[00:09:00] Challenges and Solutions in Warehouse Management

[00:23:56] The Future of Robotics in Distribution


[00:00:27] Keith Moore on Warehouse Nodes: “It’s all about supporting universal inventory flow through a facility… everything in and everything out the rest of the supply chain decides.”

[00:10:31] Keith Moore on Technology Integration: “Generally what we do in our sales process now… is you’d be super upfront with exactly what needs to happen.”

[00:14:41] Keith Moore on Real-Time Decision Making: “What optimization should decide is exactly what processes do you need to do in the inside of that circle to make sure that you’re supporting that overall flow.”

[00:19:36] Keith Moore on Continuous Adaptation: “Every plan you create is broken the second you create it because nobody follows a plan perfectly… you need to be able to adapt that plan.”

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