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Modern Logistics Challenges: Strategies from Blue Yonder’s Ann Marie Jonkman at Modex 2024

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Ann Marie Jonkman

Episode Description

Ann Marie Jonkman, Vice Presidnet Industry Strategies at Blue Yonder, advises Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) on leveraging technology and best practices to enhance their business strategies. With over 20 years of experience in continuous improvement and consulting, particularly in distribution, e-commerce, and transportation, she brings a unique blend of operational insight and software expertise. Collaborating closely with product development teams, Ann Marie ensures alignment with customer needs and drives innovation to deliver tangible results. Prior to Blue Yonder, she held positions at leading organizations like XPO Logistics and Radial. Ann Marie holds degrees in Political Science and History, with ongoing education in Business Technology Design and strategic communication from esteemed institutions like Lewis University, Tuck School of Business, and Dartmouth. Based in Chicago, she devotes her personal time to supporting animal rescue initiatives and enjoys golfing and football.


In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, during MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, Ann Marie Jonkman from Blue Yonder shares her insights on the logistics industry, focusing on technological advancements and the need for strategic adaptation. The discussion covers topics like AI, machine learning, and the importance of software in enhancing supply chain operations. Marie emphasizes the relationship between technology and operational improvement, highlighting the role of data, automation, and robotics in driving industry change. She also stresses the significance of a consultative approach to client relations, advocating for solutions that not only meet immediate needs but also align with long-term business goals. The conversation reflects on the challenges faced in 2023, the potential of AI and machine learning, and the importance of a user-friendly approach that prioritizes safety and efficiency for workers.


[00:01:31] Introducing Ann Marie from Blue Yonder
[00:03:29] Exploring the Post-2023 Logistics Landscape
[00:07:06] The Evolution of Software in Logistics
[00:13:16] The Future of Warehouse Operations and Technology
[00:17:59] Exploring the Impact of AI in Logistics
[00:20:02] The Power of Generative AI and Machine Learning
[00:23:16] Empowering the Mid-Market with AI Technology
[00:27:03] Human-Centric Approach to Technological Adoption
[00:29:14] The Future of Work: Automation, AI, and User Experience


[00:01:17] “Technology should deploy that. It should enable it for people and it should be easy.”
[00:05:51] “People are very mindful where they put their money, but it’s open. I feel the change.”
[00:12:49] “It’s really being a partner because if we all haven’t noticed, this tech is changing fast.”
[00:17:50] “That billing piece is just, from a 3PL perspective, you’re right. It’s a small army of people.”
[00:20:13] “It’s more so enabling that to your point to where we truly capture what’s happening.”

Find out more about Ann Marie Jonkman and her company in the link below:

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