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Manifest 2024 Recap: From Tech Innovations to Strategic Partnerships with Peter Sheldon and Harshida Acharya

Harshida Acharya, Peter Sheldon

Episode Description

With over 20 years of experience in eCommerce technologies, Peter Sheldon is a recognized industry leader and former VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. He has helped numerous eCommerce executives and brands to challenge their thinking and lead change in their digital transformation and commerce technology programs.

As the SVP Strategy and Growth at Maergo, Peter sets the strategic vision and drives the market expansion for a first-of-its-kind parcel delivery platform, purpose-built for branded direct-to-consumer delivery. He leverages his deep expertise and network in eCommerce platforms, mobile commerce, content management, payment systems, and supply chain technologies to create innovative solutions and partnerships that disrupt the incumbent carriers and empower the largest and fastest growing brands to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Peter is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences and enabling the future of eCommerce.

Harshida Acharya, Partner and CSO at Fulfillment IQ, has played a significant role in the company’s multi-million-dollar growth. She is recognized as a top eCom Influencer by Shopify. Her expert insights have been published in Forbes, Industry Dive, and Supply Chain and Demand Executive, to name a few.

Harshida wears multiple hats. She’s also the creator and producer of the eCom Logistics Podcast, a podcast ranked amongst the top 5% globally and is one of the most shared business podcasts of all times. She is also actively involved in venture capital firms, serving as an investor, member, and advisor to emerging startups.

Harshida’s a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, actively fostering a community of women in supply chain and mentoring the next generation of professionals. Her efforts have earned her recognition, including the Women in Supply Chain 2023 Award.


In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Dan Coll and Ninaad Acharya share their experiences and key takeaways from Manifest 2024, a premier e-commerce and logistics conference. During the conference, Ninaad is joined by Harshida and Peter to discuss the focus on the evolving landscape of returns, last-mile delivery challenges, and the transformative power of partnerships and emerging technologies in the e-commerce supply chain.


[00:00:22] Partnering for Data Power: Explore the transformative potential of partnerships in the e-commerce space, emphasizing the sharing of data among vendors to drive efficiency and overcome challenges.
[00:01:42] Manifest 2024 Highlights: A deep dive into the significance of Manifest 2024, discussing the unique mix of attendees, emerging companies, and the event’s LinkedIn in real life (IRL) vibe.
[00:05:19] E-commerce Market Opportunities: Insights into integration work as a growing opportunity in the market, with a focus on transportation, last-mile delivery, and the strategic placement of investment dollars.
[00:08:43] Last Mile Evolution: Uncover the importance of last-mile delivery in the e-commerce landscape, exploring strategies to streamline and optimize this critical aspect of the supply chain.
[00:11:29] AI and People in Harmony: Understand the role of AI in e-commerce while emphasizing the synergy between technology and human involvement, particularly in the context of automation and upskilling.
[00:18:40] Data-Driven Returns Management: A closer look at leveraging data to tackle the challenges of returns, including bracketing and the potential for retailers to adjust return policies based on consumer behavior.
[00:22:18] Resale and Circular Economy: Delve into the rising importance of the circular economy, resale markets, and how brands are actively participating in sustainable practices.
[00:27:29] 2024 Tech Outlook: Explore the shifting dynamics in technology investments for 2024, with a focus on enhancing the consumer experience, accelerating shipping, and adapting to the changing economic landscape.


[00:05:52] “There’s a big opportunity in the market for integration work, and a lot of conversation around all things integrations.”
[00:11:11] “As leaders focus on providing the right tools to your employees, it enriches the quality of their life and work.”
[00:18:40] “The data allows us to challenge the norms of, ‘It’s either free returns or it’s not.'”
[00:22:18] “The dynamics are changing so fast, between liquidation B2B, B2C, and things like resale.”

Find out more about Peter Sheldon in the link below:

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