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How to Ship Inventory Across Borders with Steve Bozicevic

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Steve Bozicevic

Episode Description

For this episode of the eCom Logistics Podcast, we welcome Steve Bozicevic, Sr. Director of New Product Development and GM of Flow Direct, Flexport. Cross-border shipping has evolved in the years since COVID began. From prioritizing speed and reliability, ecommerce brands now focus instead on managing costs and cashflow.

Steven discusses how they serve the SMB market and help them grow by keeping customers happy. He also digs into managing inflation during times of uncertainty and what the future holds for the logistics industry, and in Toronto in particular where Ninaad and Steve are currently based.


Steve Bozicevic has been in the cross-border ecommerce and logistics technology industry since 2000. Mr. Bozicevic started his career at as a software developer, then moved on to product management until 2010 when he joined Pitney Bowes and formed the Global Ecommerce division, where as Vice President of Product Management, he developed products and technology that launched and powered Ebay’s Global Shipping Program.

In 2016, Steve joined Amazon as the first member of the Amazon Global Logistics organization where he spent nearly six years building global trade-related technology, products and operations to facilitate B2C exports and B2B imports for Retail and FBA. In 2021, Mr. Bozicevic joined Flexport as Sr. Director of New Product Development. In this role, Steve is also General Manager of Flexport Flow Direct, an ocean freight shipping product for ecommerce SMBs; and is responsible for ecommerce platform and marketplace integrations, including the partnership with Shopify.


  • 03:20 Steve’s journey in cross-border shipping and building technologies
  • 08:50 Flow Direct offers speed and reliability in international shipping for SMBs
  • 14:48 Tips to manage cash flow and costs in Q4
  • 25:23 A growing talent pool for supply chain in Toronto


12:24 COVID transformed business’ priorities to speed and reliability – Steve: “Speed was important, but reliability was more important. Knowing when it’s going to get there allows the customer to plan ahead on their supply chain and say, If I know it’s going to be 20 days or 40 days or 60 days, it’s reliable, I can manage my POs, I can manage my cash flow according to reliability.”

15:51 Manage cash flow with just-in-time fulfillment – Steven: “Cash is important and how do you best manage your cash flow? In my opinion, similarly to how manufacturing supply chains moved to just-in-time production, I think just-in-time fulfillment is a similar kind of approach. Ordering smaller quantities more frequently, being more reactive to demand trends, making sure that you always got something in transit.”

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