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How to Reimagine the Future of Supply Chains with Shekar Natarajan

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Shekar Natarajan

Episode Description

Supply chain isn’t your competitive advantage.

In today’s episode, Shekar, Ninaad, and Dan dive deep into the revolutionary idea of transforming the next generation of the supply chain. For years, the modes of operations have become wasteful and make it harder to compete with giants with hyper-scale abilities. Shekar explains how the supply chain isn’t your competitive advantage. But before we can dive into the solutions proposed by Shekar, we must reflect on the problem. As Shekar explains, the current state of the supply chain isn’t built to help the mid-level brands scale. As they simply can’t leverage the same level of assets and resources, hypergiants like Walmart and Amazon can.

Why is this important? Because when Walmart moves 50 million units per day versus AEO’s 225 million, it’s hard to compete, thereby demolishing the mid-level market. The added complexity is when these hypergiants struggle to tackle problems, like the last mile, what odds smaller firms will be.

Shekar explains that through a consolidated network, brands can offset market risk, increase revenue, and enhance customer experiences while contributing to a sustainable future.

On this first episode of the eCom Logistics podcast, find out:

  • Why isn’t the supply chain’s current state built to help mid-level eCommerce brands scale?
  • How can brands gain an advantage in delivery?
  • How can brands leverage the sharing network and turn their cost centers into profit centers?


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How to Reimagine the Future of Supply Chain
by Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll and Shekar Natarajan
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