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How to Reduce Air in Packages with James Malley

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, James Malley

Episode Description

For this episode of the eCom Logistics Podcast, we welcome James Malley, the “Cartonization Magnate” and Founder and CEO of Paccurate. Reducing the amount of air in packages is not just good for profits, it’s critical for the environment too.

James discusses the complex but critical question of how to reduce air in packages with cartonization. He digs into the low-hanging fruit that companies can initiate to begin cartonization, as well as raises awareness of the gravity of the waste issue worldwide.


  • 02:58 Cartonization: Packing mistakes and the factors that drive them
  • 14:59 Amazon packing practices are practical but waste is a major issue
  • 18:59 Cartonizing realizes hidden savings per square foot
  • 28:47 Lead the shift because the waste problem needs to be resolved


19:36 Bad cartonization is still better than no cartonization – James: “The good news is there’s a ton of low-hanging fruit, so if you don’t have any cartonization, use bad cartonization. It’ll get you at least some of the way there to get you started and help you keep your margins intact.”

27:04 The data proves that the waste problem is much more significant – James: “My team is very motivated by this idea that we could put a dent in some of the waste in supply chain. And I think it’s kind of a rude awakening, a little bit, when you start digging into the data of how bad things actually are. From a packaging standpoint, we’re like oh, we’ll do paper fill and cardboard’s better than plastic, and truth is it is but not by as much as we would hope.”

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