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How to Implement a Fulfillment Execution System with Erhan Musaoglu

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Erhan Musaoglu

Episode Description

For this episode of the eCom Logistics Podcast, we welcome Erhan Musaoglu, Founder and CEO of Logiwa. Seeing a need, Erhan developed their own high-volume online order fulfillment execution system that functions much more holistically than just a WMS.

Any e-commerce business needs even the barest fulfillment execution system to realize greater productivity in its warehouses and be able to ship orders quickly and efficiently. Erhan also discusses market trends like product returns and the current climate with tight delivery windows.


05:24 the day you landed – Moving to the US and building a leading WMS

09:27 i used to implement – Differences between WMS and order fulfillment solution

16:07 first of all – Warehousing and WMS are crucial for an e-commerce business’s success

21:20 you don’t need – Facilitate quicker UPH with an inexpensive fulfillment execution system

28:28 we constantly – Trends in the market: Adapting to unique workflows, package optimization, and labor

34:12 how do you – Multi SKU management in a warehouse


05:50 On moving to the US and focusing on online order fulfillment – Erhan: “You cannot do everything perfect. You have to select one vertical, you have to select one solution, and you have to stick with it. And you have to make it better than anyone else.”

14:46 Implement a good warehousing and fulfillment system – Ninaad: “Just because you have a warehouse management system does not translate into it being a good fulfillment system. They are 2 different universes. I would go to say that a fulfillment system is just as far apart from a traditional warehousing system as a store operations system is from a distribution center.”

18:04 Warehousing is the top consideration of e-commerce businesses – Erhan: “Warehouse is the most crucial element for an online business. Otherwise, you are going to fail. If you cannot pick, if you cannot pack, and if you cannot ship faster, you’re going to fail.”

Find out more about Erhan in the links below:


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