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How to Excel in Luxury Brand Ecommerce with Andreu Marco

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Andreu Marco

Episode Description

For this episode of the eCom Logistics Podcast, we welcome Andreu Marco, Former Global SVP of Supply Chain at Burberry. Transforming luxury brands with the approach of innovation in tech and strategy can mean a world of difference, especially in today’s time. Andreu shares his  insights on the importance of customer centricity and how this can propel your performance overall.


Andreu Marco has Over 25 years of End to End Retail SC experience with leading Luxury, fashion, retail, and FMCG brands (Burberry, Inditex, Firmenich etc.). He has been one of the first leaders in Retail to move towards Omni Channel solutions, achieving the big success we all saw in Burberry, which became number one company in its sector in Supply Chain, Technology and digitalizations during the years he was leading its Supply Chain-omni channel operations.

Andreu has operated in all key markets, with special focus on China, Europe, and USA, and also in all retail, digital, B2B, B2C, and B2B2C channels. His passion is digitalization, strategy, customer centricity, and building very strong, performing teams. Andreu lives between Barcelona and London, where he is currently COO for a big international omni channel brand.


  • 03:31 Supply chain needs to be a servant to the consumer
  • 08:10 The luxury war, is one of the most inefficient supply chains areas
  • 15:02 How Andreu managed to put the customer at the center
  • 23:24 Tackling challenges in the omni channel
  • 30:05 What to do when the margin is really low and consumers needs their product in 2 hours
  • 35:57 Andreu’s approach to tech and IT in the logistics space


11:14 Eliminate friction so the customer has access to the product – Andreu: “The decision is inventory belongs to the customer. We put the customer at the center and that means that we have to change the dynamics of the company, which for 150 years were built around building channels, wholesale, retail, travel, and e-commerce. And we kind of eliminated all these artificial barriers that the company built during many years.”

17:39 Going from 36 distribution centers to 2 globally – Andreu: “We were dramatically reducing our inventory and our working capital while we were increasing sales. How did we achieve that? We were putting all the inventory that we had in the company, including vendors, goods in transit, the stores, including B2B2C partners. We were putting all of this inventory at the service of customers”

Find out more about Andreu in the link below:


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