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How to Enhance Customer Experience with Real-Time Visibility with Mark Delaney

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Mark Delaney

Episode Description

For this episode of the eCom Logistics Podcast, we welcome Mark Delaney, Vice President of Global Industry Strategy at FourKites. Making sure that customers’ expectations are met every time they come to your store is much harder than it sounds. Mark talks about the overall value of visibility not only for customer experience but for more efficient processes on the business side.


Mark Delaney is currently VP Industry Strategy at FourKites. In this role, he engages with retailers’ C-level leaders and their teams to understand and address industry-specific workflows and use cases. He serves as an SME to help drive the product roadmap and support our global sales teams. He keeps a strong pulse on industry trends and frequently solicits customer and partner’s feedback on the technology investments that they are making to help inform and advance FourKite’s innovation with a customer-first mindset. He represents FourKites at industry events and briefings. Prior to FourKites, Mark was a Retail Industry Principal at Zebra Technologies where he led customer briefings, met with the press and analysts and worked with their Ventures organization evaluating potential investments.

Mark has more than 20 years of experience in the retail industry and has worked with most large retailers globally. Before joining Zebra, Mark held leadership roles at Nielsen and General Mills and owned his own retail technology and analytics consulting firm.

Mark holds a BS in Marketing from SUNY Oswego and serves on several boards in his community. He is also the mayor of a village on the north shore of Long Island where he and his family live.


  • 01:40 Mark’s 20-year journey in the logistics space.
  • 04:16 Is same-day or two-day delivery really necessary?
  • 10:09 Driving value and achieving the experience that customers demand.
  • 17:16 There’s a lot more willingness to share data now.
  • 21:46 Employee satisfaction is now top of mind for many.
  • 26:25 What’s happening in the robotics space?
  • 31:31 The role of labor market push in bringing in automation


13:41 Visibility and transparency help you make sure consumer expectations are met – Mark: “You need to have that level of accuracy at the store because otherwise, you have a consumer who now jumped in their car, drove 10 minutes away, walked in the store, now you’ve given them a terrible experience. Now because that loyalty’s been shattered, there’s a very good chance they’re going to go across the street to your competitor.”

21:56 The importance of listening to consumers and customers – Mark: “One other area that’s top of mind with our customers these days is employee satisfaction. Because it’s very expensive to lose a good employee, especially someone who’s been there for a period of time and you’ve invested in all that training. For them to be mired down by spreadsheets and phone calls and all that, if you can give them that visibility and confidence that they’re communicating something that’s accurate, they feel better as associates.”

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