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How to Drive Value for Large Retail Enterprises with Josh Jewett

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Josh Jewett

Episode Description

For this episode of the eCom Logistics Podcast, we welcome Josh Jewett, Operating Partner at NewRoad Capital Partners. Today, he shares his time and experience in working with enterprises and exploring opportunities in supply chain and operations using the technological advancements of today. He also shares his thoughts on professional services and how they interact with logistics overall.


Josh Jewett is an operating partner at NewRoad Capital Partners, a private equity firm investing in opportunities in Supply Chain, Logistics, Retail, and Consumer Packaged Goods sectors in the lower middle market. He leverages his executive experience driving value for two large retail enterprises to improve the performance of his firm’s portfolio companies and the return for his firm’s investors.

Before his current roles, Josh was CIO at Dollar Tree, Inc. and its subsidiary, Family Dollar, Inc., from 2002 to 2020. Following the close of the $11B acquisition of Family Dollar in 2015, Josh led the effort to create IT as a shared service for all Dollar Tree banners.  In his role at Dollar Tree, Josh also partnered with fellow senior executives to drive several major corporate initiatives in supply chain and logistics, customer engagement, human capital management, and back office operations by leveraging a variety of advanced technological solutions to capitalize on the scale of the new $24B retail organization.

Josh’s leadership and expertise has been recognized by multiple regional and national industry organizations. Most notably, he was named CIO of the Year, “Strategic Impact” by RIS News in 2013. He was also chosen as CIO of the Year later that same year by the Charlotte Business Journal.


  • 01:01 What brought Josh into the private equity world and taking a mentorship role
  • 05:51 Understanding a company as an enterprise-class buyer
  • 09:17 Is there ever a world where professional services and logistics do not exist
  • 13:03 Buy vs build from the technology standpoint
  • 16:22 Generative AI and the impact of similar technology


06:40 It can be natural to become an enterprise-class buyer – Josh: “There’s much more to it than just a great product. You have to have a great team, you have to have momentum in the marketplace, you have to have added competition and all that. But invariably that’s the first thing I look at is what’s the business problem it’s trying to solve and do I believe that this is a good way to solve that problem”

10:15 Few organizations have the bench strength to implement a new product – Josh: “There’s always a burn-in and optimization phase with a new platform. If you don’t have skills or the resources to do that, there’s no way to get around professional services supplementing your activity.”

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