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How to Diversify Your Carrier Network with Nate Skiver

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Nate Skiver

Episode Description

Diversifying your carrier network is key to competing in today’s market.

The pandemic has shifted many things in the eCommerce space, including how parcel management is executed. In the show, we explore how the postal service and top three carriers experienced significant challenges through 2020 and the actions they took to hold onto their position in the market. Through a more innovative and entrepreneurial push, Nate explains that greater emphasis can be seen from carriers on orchestrating resources towards the first, middle and final mile so that the network can become more flexible concerning volume, dynamic lanes, and managed capacity with partners.

Why is this important? Brands can customize and design solutions specific to their network needs instead of conforming to the national provider network, which can be less flexible.

What else you can expect on today’s eCom Logistics Podcast episode:

·       How the big three carriers have positioned themselves and how they differ (4:05)

·       How are emerging tech-enabled providers growing in the market and continue to provide value within that segmentation?  (12:14)

·       Relationships with carriers (18:45)

·       Enhancing customer experience by personalizing on-time delivery (31:38)

·       Peak 2022 season, how will it play out? (37:10)

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