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How to Disrupt Fulfillment Using Sustainable Initiatives with George Wojciechowski

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, George Wojciechowski

Episode Description

For this episode of the eCom Logistics Podcast, we welcome George Wojciechowski, the CEO of Manifest, an e-commerce fulfillment provider. He is on a mission to tackle the sustainability problems of e-commerce logistics while simultaneously providing brands and merchants with a better fulfillment experience.

George talks about his professional journey starting in finance and then starting ShipBob to cater to a new segment of online merchants. In 2021, George founded Manifest which is committed to finding sustainable alternatives to fulfillment. He shares their green initiatives and how they are disrupting fulfillment with the end goal of protecting the environment that we collectively share.


Prior to launching Manifest, George cofounded ShipBob, a predominant name in the global e-commerce fulfillment space. Before ShipBob, George worked as a trader at Goldman Sachs. George attended DePaul University.


  • 02:00 Catering to the emerging market of online merchants
  • 27:45 Manifest was started to tackle the environmental issue of fulfillment
  • 32:34 Sustainable fulfillment is a need that must be addressed today
  • 41:25 Finding alternatives to unsustainable packaging


47:50 Sustainable packaging is actually not more expensive to manufacture – George: “A lot of the packaging companies told me that it’s actually not more money to produce the sustainable packaging but because everyone just asks for the same things that they’ve always asked for, the manufacturing is more expensive. It’s cheaper for the traditional goods because it’s just manufactured in much higher volume.”

52:56 Common sense and innovation will create the disruption needed for sustainable fulfillment – George: “We can talk about sustainability, we can talk about environmentally friendly, we can talk about regenerative, but nothing beats common sense and figuring out ways how to keep up with mass fulfillment, high-velocity fulfillment, but also do it in a way that is packaging efficiency is going to move mountains in terms of how sustainable we are as an industry.”

Find out more about George in the links below:

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