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How to Build a Fulfillment Network Design for eCom Brands with Andrew Sutton

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Andrew Sutton

Episode Description

In this episode, Andrew, Ninaad, and Dan look closely at the importance of creating a win-win situation in Client-3PL relationships.

Fulfillment is a complicated series of actions that eCommerce companies take to deliver orders on time. As Andrew explains, merchants will face complications and challenges such as weather, technology, and labor challenges, especially when warehouses have multiple clients. And when fulfillment providers cannot keep up with brand growth, it can significantly affect customer experience, NPS scores, returns, and refund rates, to name a few. This is why merchants need to focus on building relationships instead of just working with their service providers. As Ninaad, Dan and Andrew discuss, building confidence on both sides includes having accurate invoicing and forecasting, thorough node strategy planning, and even in-person visits.

Why is this important? Because the fulfillment side is where you make or break the customer experience and when they’re not happy, be ready to face some angry customers…

On this week’s episode of the eCom Logistics podcast, find out:

·      Seasonal brands and customer expectations

·      Delivery expectation

·      Outsourcing fulfillment and the relationship

·      Node Strategy depends on your business

·      3PL invoicing

·      SLAs

Mentioned in this episode:

Dr. Squatch

Tipsy Elves

Fulfillment IQ



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