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How to Approach 3PL-Brand Partnerships with Scott Weiss

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Scott Weiss

Episode Description

For this episode of the eCom Logistics Podcast, we welcome Scott Weiss, Vice President Technical Sales-Warehousing and Distribution Services at Maersk North America. Today, he shares his thoughts on why many brands and 3PL relationships end up falling apart and how to approach issues that arise within the partnership.


Scott Weiss has over 25 years of 3PL warehouse and distribution leadership experience.  As Vice President of Technical Sales, Scott oversees the Warehouse and Distribution sales for Maersk North America.  Founded in 1904, A.P. Moller – Maersk is an integrated, asset-based logistics company working to connect and simplify its customers’ supply chains from factory to door.

As the global leader in logistics services, the company operates in 130 countries and employs more than 100,000 people worldwide with 550 global warehouses.  Maersk is one of the leading omni-channel logistics providers in North America that operates over 7,000 trucks, 158 warehouses, and 26 million square feet of warehouse space with an extensive list of e-commerce, wholesale, and retail companies ranging from start-up to CPG Fortune 500 companies.

Scott holds an M.B.A. degree in Management from California State University, Fullerton; a B.S. Degree with a triple concentration in Finance, Banking, and Real Estate from San Francisco State University; and Global Logistics Specialist (GLS) designation from California State University, Long Beach.  He resides in Malibu, CA.


  • 01:31 Majority of brand-3PL relationships end in a divorce
  • 07:00 3PLs are at a good position to be supply chain advisors for midmarket brands
  • 09:49 What clients ask for when it comes to helping with sourcing a product
  • 13:01 Pros and cons of a single node network
  • 15:42 Are customers asking for automation and robotics?


10:35 What to consider from sourcing the product to delivery – Scott: “You need to look at the whole picture. Inbound, real estate,  labor, and outbound, before you can give them the answer. So with global supply chain, looking at that whole piece of a puzzle is the only way you’re going to give the best possible answer and recommendations.”

16:37 Protect your workforce – Scott: “Employee retention, I’ve seen a big increase for companies that have their own warehousing 3PLs. The value of treating an employee and taking care of them has never been higher. That’s one thing that came out of COVID that companies frankly did not pay as much attention to before.”

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