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Ground Game Strategies: Inventory and Healthcare Logistics with Guy Courtin at Modex 2024

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Guy Courtin

Episode Description

Guy Courtin is a seasoned supply chain expert with decades of experience in the technology and supply chain space. Currently serving as Tecsys’  Vice President of Industry and Global Alliances, he has held leadership roles at 6 River Systems (a Shopify company), Infor Retail, and i2 Technologies (now Blue Yonder). He has likewise served as an industry analyst at Constellation Research, SCM World (Now Gartner), and Forrester Research. Guy holds an MBA in Management from the Olin Graduate School of Business, a Master’s in International Relations from Loyola University Chicago, and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the College of the Holy Cross.


In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast,  live from MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, Dan and Ninaad engage in an insightful conversation with Guy Courtin, the VP of Industry and Global Alliances at Tecsys. They explore the complexities of change management in supply chain and warehousing, the evolution of e-commerce fulfillment, and the emerging trends in healthcare logistics. They share personal anecdotes and industry stories, highlighting challenges and innovations in inventory management, store operations, and fulfillment strategies. The discussion also delves into how healthcare providers are adapting to new fulfillment demands and the potential of drone deliveries in medical logistics.


[00:00:48] Guy’s Journey in Supply Chain

[00:02:58] Challenges in E-commerce Fulfillment

[00:04:55] Inventory Management Strategies

[00:11:26] Change Management in Warehousing

[00:14:50] Healthcare Ground Game

[00:18:45] Future of Healthcare Fulfillment


[00:09:58] “Everyone thinks they have a secret sauce. There is no secret sauce. It’s just ketchup.” – Ninaad Acharya

[00:13:45] “Change management is, I think, one of the hardest things we’ve seen in warehousing, in supply chain.” – Guy Courtin

[00:16:01] “The ground game, which is not as sexy, is still, I think, as important as this other digital strategy.” – Guy Courtin

[00:18:52] “The challenge, the reason why some companies do that is they just don’t have the right systems to do virtual segregation.” – Ninaad Acharya

Find out more about Guy Courtin in the links below.

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