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From Local to Global: Multichannel eCommerce Growth with Jorrit Steinz

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Jorrit Steinz

Episode Description

In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Jorrit Steinz, CEO and founder of ChannelEngine, shares his insights on the state of multi-channel eCommerce and the opportunities for brands and retailers to expand into new markets. He discusses the shift from channel conflict to channel expansion, the rise of direct-to-consumer sales for brands, and the importance of connecting to marketplaces to stay competitive. Jorrit also highlights the cultural nuances and logistics challenges of expanding internationally and emphasizes the need for brands to partner with logistics providers and agencies to navigate these complexities.


Jorrit Steinz is the Founder of, a platform that helps stores, brands, and distributors find millions of new customers by connecting them to marketplaces globally. He has been active in eCommerce for almost 20 years building expertise in areas such as B2C, B2B, and D2C eCommerce, marketplaces, SaaS, and international platform strategies. He is a public speaker at various events and an adviser on the rapid changes in the global retail landscape for brands, distributors, and large retailers.


  • [00:02:14] Guest’s journey in eCommerce and the founding of ChannelEngine
  • [00:08:01] The current state of multi-channel eCommerce and international expansion
  • [00:11:24] Importance of connecting to marketplaces and the concept of the buy box
  • [00:19:44] The impact of delays in the one P model and the need for a three P contingency plan
  • [00:24:28] Cultural nuances and advice for expanding into international markets
  • [00:30:11] The balance between sales-driven goals and product-centric objectives
  • [00:34:59] The importance of building a strong logistics infrastructure
  • [00:38:14] The growth of ChannelEngine and the focus on product development
  • [00:44:30] Where to learn more about ChannelEngine and connect with the guest


[00:10:48] “If you’re not ready as a brand, you’re just clearly missing out on revenue if you don’t connect to these marketplaces.” – Jorrit Steinz
[00:17:53] “Winning the buy box is based on seller performance and price optimization. It’s crucial to have the right technology and automation to compete effectively.” – Jorrit Steinz
[00:37:11] “Don’t try to do everything yourself if you’re a brand or retailer. Leverage the expertise of partners and focus on your core competencies.” – Jorrit Steinz

Find out more about Jorrit Steinz in the link below:


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