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Enhancing Warehouse Management through Digital Twins and Robotics with Oana Jinga at Modex 2024

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Oana Jinga

Episode Description

Oana Jinga is the Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder of Dexory. Under her leadership, Dexory raised an impressive $19 million in a Series A funding round led by European VC Atomico, establishing key partnerships with logistics giants like Maersk and DB Schenker. Oana’s recent achievements include winning the ‘Tech Innovator’ Award at the Everywoman in Transport and Logistics event. She’s recently spoken at the State of Gender Diversity in European Venture initiative by Female Foundry and featured in a panel alongside influential women in tech, such as Business Insider’s Tech Editor Shona Ghosh. Dexory’s growth, from 30 to over 100 team members in 2023, highlights the company’s thriving trajectory under Oana’s leadership.


In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, broadcasting live from Modex 2024 in Atlanta, the hosts sit down with Oana Jinga, co-founder of Dexory, to explore innovative solutions in the logistics industry. The conversation dives deep into Dexory’s journey from a retail robotics company to a logistics-focused enterprise, the challenges and advantages of AMR versus drone-based data capture, and the transformative power of digital twin platforms. Dexory’s technology enables real-time inventory management, enhanced accuracy, and predictive analytics, aiming to revolutionize the logistics landscape.


[00:03:57] The Shift to Logistics and Inventory Management
[00:05:31] Understanding Digital Twin Technology
[00:12:51] Challenges and Innovations in Warehouse Management
[00:19:32] Safety and Efficiency of AMR vs. Drones
[00:23:37] Future of Inventory Management and RFID Integration


[00:06:58] The value proposition lies in real-time access to accurate inventory data, enabling operators to make informed decisions and optimize warehouse operations.
[00:08:45] Real-time data feeds from AMRs bridge the gap between physical and digital representations, offering unparalleled visibility and insight.
[00:11:09] Future advancements aim to leverage AI tools for predictive analytics and simulation within the digital twin platform, revolutionizing inventory optimization.

Find out more about Oana Jinga in the links below.

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