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eCommerce Logistics Mastery: Parcel Solutions & Evolution with Bill Schroeder

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Bill Schroeder

Episode Description


Bill Schroeder is President of the Transportation and Shipping Segment within FOG. His experience in supply chain technologies includes enterprise systems, integration, design thinking, and Agile methods for R&D. Prior to ProShip, Bill spent 21 years in logistics technology with the USPS and then FedEx Express, FDX Corp and FedEx Supply Chain, where he focused on innovation and optimization of technology processes, customer solutions and global renewal programs. As a USAF Veteran he is passionate about Veterans and the programs that assist our men and women when they return.


In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Bill joins Dan Coll and Ninaad Acharya to unravel the intricacies of e-commerce logistics. With over two decades of expertise in logistics technology, Bill provides valuable insights into the challenges and nuances of this space. The conversation navigates through tailored parcel solutions, the evolution of carrier systems, and the potential integration of cutting-edge technologies like drones in shaping the future of logistics.

They delve into the complexities of parcel execution, highlighting the varying needs between fulfillment houses and smaller e-commerce entities. They discuss the crucial role of multi-carrier shipping solutions and underscore the importance of optimizing transportation spend through expert negotiations and understanding logistics intricacies.

Bill also explores the evolving landscape of warehouse management systems (WMS) in the context of e-commerce growth. From the challenges of scaling businesses to the significance of adopting scalable, carrier-approved software solutions, the discussion emphasizes the pivotal role of technology in meeting the demands of an evolving logistics landscape. Carrier diversification, certified solutions, and the potential integration of drone technology emerge as key considerations for companies aiming to future-proof their logistics strategies.


[00:03:33] Journey into Logistics

[00:10:13] Complexity in Parcel Execution

[00:12:44] Enterprise Solutions vs. Online Applications

[00:19:03] Optimizing Transportation Spend

[00:26:00] Expertise and Advising

[00:32:04] Evolving Solutions for Growing Businesses

[00:33:35] Investing in Scalable Solutions

[00:35:28] Certified Solutions & Carrier Relationships

[00:41:56] Carrier Diversification Mitigates Risks

[00:47:57] Drone Integration in Logistics


[00:21:04] “The most expensive solution you can possibly use is the free one from the carrier.”

[00:25:13] “You need someone really experienced to even start talking about it.”

[00:28:48] “There’s so many places I’d advise looking on LinkedIn… just imagine what you get if you actually engage with them.”

[00:40:02] “I think we’ve re-normalized back to where we would have been organically, had there been no COVID.”

[00:42:26] “Having multiple carriers at your fingertips is a good thing, a risk mitigation strategy, or an opportunity taking strategy. It works both ways.”

[00:47:06] “Ultimately, in the end, though, drones are going to win that last mile.”

Find out more about Bill Schroeder in the link below:


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