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Decoding the Future of Logistics with Manifest 2024

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Pam Simon

Episode Description

Pam Simon is a seasoned Entrepreneur, Business Connector, and Angel Investor boasting over two decades of expertise in event production, content creation, experiential marketing, and investment. Her tenure at Lab Ventures saw the acquisition of her Future of Event series by Connectiv in 2019, leading to the inception of Manifest, the inaugural global end-to-end supply chain event uniting prominent international corporations, investors, leaders, and innovators worldwide. As Manifest’s Conference Chair and Executive Vice President of Programming, she orchestrates groundbreaking events. Pam’s impact extends to Miami, where she helmed three pivotal vertical technology summits, cultivating emerging businesses and connecting finance professionals with enterprising opportunities. Her influence expands to Latin America through founding the Latam Founders Network (LFN), organizing the renowned Latam Founders Awards, and launching platforms like the Brainfood Monthly Speaker Series, facilitating investor-entrepreneur connections. A George Washington University graduate, Pam, beyond her ventures, treasures family time and indulges in silks performance when not immersed in her multifaceted endeavors.


In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Pam Simon joins to discuss the trends and innovations in the logistics industry. She shares insights on the impact of AI and machine learning, the rise of drone delivery, and the importance of nearshoring and reshoring in supply chain strategies. Pam also highlights the key areas attracting significant investment in logistics technology and provides advice on how to make the most of conferences like Manifest.


[00:03:11] Pam’s background and the inspiration behind launching Manifest
[00:05:13] Technological innovations in logistics, including robotics, AI, sustainability, and visibility
[00:09:27] Focus on circular economy and re-commerce
[00:14:56] Exploration of use cases for generative AI
[00:17:54] Trend towards reshoring and nearshoring in the supply chain
[00:20:27] Adoption of automation and the 3-2-1 cross-border strategy
[00:22:01] Automation and robotics to assist with labor shortage
[00:25:30] Challenges and opportunities in drone delivery
[00:27:31] Intelligent infrastructure and sustainability in logistics
[00:33:06] Conferences as a strategic place to meet investors


[00:23:49] “I think we are going to see, we already starting to see some, but we’ll see more drones that can lift heavier loads.
[00:31:38] “If you’re going to something that you’re interested in, guess what everyone else that’s in that room is interested in solving the same problem that you are.”
[00:34:46] “All money is not made equal. You want to take money from strategics, of course.”

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How to Reimagine the Future of Supply Chain
by Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll and Shekar Natarajan
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