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Cracking the Code of Unified E-Commerce with Remington Tonar

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Remington Tonar

Episode Description

Remington Tonar is Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at, the leading provider of comprehensive omnichannel commerce and logistics solutions that enable B2C and B2B companies to sell and fulfill anywhere. He formerly served as a growth and innovation strategy consultant to Fortune 100 companies and fast-growing startups in industries ranging from NGOs and healthcare to infrastructure and energy. He has managed seed-stage VC funds, run startup incubators, and advised family offices. Remington holds a B.A. from Marquette University, an M.A. from Loyola University Chicago, an M.S. from New York University, and a Ph.D. from The University of Aberdeen.


In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Remington shares his passion for working with high-growth startups and his journey from raising funds in the VC world to the world of commerce and logistics. He believes in the power of unifying digital and physical operations to create a seamless and efficient customer experience. Remington discusses the challenges faced by software-native companies in the fulfillment space and explains how is redefining unified commerce by integrating pre-purchase and post-purchase capabilities. He emphasizes the importance of real-time data and cross-functional insight in driving growth and making informed decisions. Remington also highlights the potential of B2B commerce and the need for strategic advice in the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape.


[00:03:33] Journey into Logistics
[00:10:13] Complexity in Parcel Execution
[00:12:44] Enterprise Solutions vs. Online Applications
[00:19:03] Optimizing Transportation Spend
[00:26:00] Expertise and Advising
[00:32:04] Evolving Solutions for Growing Businesses
[00:33:35] Investing in Scalable Solutions
[00:35:28] Certified Solutions & Carrier Relationships
[00:41:56] Carrier Diversification Mitigates Risks
[00:47:57] Drone Integration in Logistics


[00:09:13] “Fulfillment operates like classical mechanics than quantum mechanics, right? There is no spooky action at a distance in fulfillment, right? You have to get up there and like move something.”
[00:28:16] “The whole perspective on, you know, where does the decision come from? Where does the data push from needs to be inverted. And it needs to actually start with the real consumer event, which is not the purchase. It’s the consumer getting the product they ordered and opening the box and saying, yes, this is exactly what I ordered.”
[00:40:26] “You know, at some point there will be, you know, some type of alliance to your point of different players that band together and are actually able to pull that off.”

Find out more about Remington Tonar in the link below:

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