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Charting Sustainable Paths in Logistics with Hannah Kain

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Hannah Kain

Episode Description


Hannah Kain, President and CEO of ALOM, a supply chain company she founded in 1997, oversees its global operations serving Fortune 500 customers in technology, automotive, life sciences, and regulated industries across 19 locations. Born in Denmark, Hannah has a diverse background, including teaching at Copenhagen Business School. She holds multiple board positions, including with the National Association of Manufacturers and WBENC, where she serves as 1st vice chair. Recognized for her leadership, Hannah has received various awards, including being named a 2023 SDCE Supply Chain Pro to Know and a 2021 WE USA Top WBE CEO. In 2020, she was featured in Business Insider’s Top 100 People Transforming Business and received the SDCE Women Leaders in Supply Chain award, among other honors.


In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Dan Coll and Ninaad Acharya interview Hannah Kain, the President and CEO of ALOM, a supply chain company. Hannah shares her journey of starting the business in the 90s and discusses the catalysts that drove her into the supply chain space. She emphasizes the importance of technology, quality, and sustainability in supply chain operations. Hannah also addresses the challenges faced by women in the industry and the need for ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting. She highlights the role of AI in supply chain and shares her insights on future trends and challenges.


[00:02:55] Hannah’s motivation for starting ALOM and her fascination with technology and manufacturing
[00:08:09] The importance of technology, ESG, and quality in ALOM’s approach
[00:11:44] The origin of ALOM’s diverse service offerings and their focus on customer needs
[00:13:23] Discussion on the challenges and experiences of being a female founder in the 90s
[00:23:18] Hannah emphasizes the importance of integrating sustainability into every decision
[00:27:05] Hannah shares a story about addressing human trafficking in the supply chain
[00:29:19] Importance of employee engagement and retention in creating a positive work environment
[00:32:12] Hannah shares her approach to onboarding and reducing the time it takes for employees to become effective
[00:34:00] Dan asks about the use of AI in supply chain and Hannah’s perspective on its current and future applications
[00:42:32] Challenges in the supply chain industry


[00:00:27] “Once you start measuring and actually have a system for capturing data, it’s where you can really leverage and make a difference in those areas.”
[00:23:18] “I think it’s key to get it into every decision being made and also to create that visibility over to customers.”
[00:34:00] “I think a lot of the issues we’re having now will be solved by technology. And so I’m a big technology believer.”

Find out more about Hannah Kain in the link below:

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