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Building Successful Supply Chains with Innovative Tech and Empathic Leadership with Kinta Gates

Ninaad Acharya, Dan Coll, Kina Gates

Episode Description

Kinta Gates is the Vice President of Supply Chain and Operations at Glossier Inc., where she leads the company’s global operations and supply chain strategies. With a career spanning several key roles in the beauty and food industries, Kinta has established herself as a leader in operational excellence, strategic planning, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

Before her tenure at Glossier, Kinta made significant contributions to Thrive Causemetics Inc. as a Senior Director, where she excelled in enhancing supply chain operations and implementing strategic DEI plans. Kinta’s professional journey includes impactful positions at notable companies such as Mars. Her achievements include developing business-specific integrated planning processes, overseeing fulfillment network expansion projects, and leading supplier performance management. Kinta has been recognized for her leadership in DEI, being honored by the Positive Results Corporation and named one of the “50 Phenomenal Black Women Engineers” by the Los Angeles Council of Black Professional Engineers.


In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Kinta Gates shares her journey in the logistics space and provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in the industry. She discusses the importance of leadership in supply chain, the impact of cost pressures on supply chain operations, and the role of technology, particularly AI, in optimizing supply chain processes. Kinta also offers advice for brands looking to expand into physical retail and emphasizes the need for collaboration and understanding across different functions within an organization.


[00:03:06] Kinta’s journey in the logistics space

[00:11:08] The importance of practical experience in supply chain leadership

[00:15:31] Chief supply chain officers being tapped for CEO positions

[00:16:39] Supply chain becoming more recognized and appreciated

[00:19:30] The tripled importance of supply chain in delivering customer value

[00:21:29] The need for supply chain to be involved in decision-making and enhancing customer experience

[00:23:04] The pressure on companies to optimize their supply chains

[00:25:46] The excitement about AI and machine learning in supply chain

[00:27:08] The goal of becoming responsive rather than reactive in supply chain

[00:29:37] The need for supply chain professionals to educate others

[00:32:56] The power of the human component in supply chain

[00:38:08] Lessons learned and advice for brands expanding into physical retail


[00:00:25] “The human component of supply chain is just as powerful as any system or any process. That’s the magic.”

[00:09:51] “There’s so much value in knowing what that feels like from both sides. From being within the working team and being a functional leader of an organization.”

[00:21:29] “Leave space for it to absolutely rock your world. Leave space for this to absolutely disrupt your supply chain.”

Find out more about Kinta Gates in the link below:



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